AIR PERSONALITIES: Are You Reaching Your Potential?

Are You Ready To Become An On-Air Superstar?

In-Depth Video Coaching, Resources & Prep For Radio Personalities from Tracy Johnson

Online morning radio prep for on-air personalities.

Your Personality Magnet Membership Includes:

Daily Show Prep

Timely ideas for topics, promotions, features and events - every day!

Training Videos

Each week, Tracy coaches you with a lesson on the art of personality radio.

Coaches Corner

An exclusive article that takes you deep into the creative process.


Updated and relevant ideas to plan ahead-and stay ahead of competition.

All for just $19-about the price of a Starbucks coffee each week.

Get fresh ideas you can use on your show every day. If you get just one idea per month...or even one great idea per more than pays for the cost of a Personality Magnet membership.

A Daily Game Plan to Unlock Your Potential  

  • Detailed ideas and execution tips for every day of the week. It's not show prep. It's personality prep, a whole new level of content you just can't get anywhere else.
  • Exclusive training articles, alerts and ideas for medium and long-range planning.
  • Video lessons to take your personality to the next level and advance on your success path. Each week, I focus on a key principle in the art of performing great radio and building your brand.
  • It's for all personalities in all markets and all formats.